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Praxis II ● English as a Second Language

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All candidates must successfully complete the Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages exam prior to student teaching. As of September 2016, the code for this test is #5362. (Previous versions of the exam were listed as test #0361 or #5361). This exam is required by WDPI for ESL/bilingual certification and assesses your proficiency in the content knowledge of ESL teaching.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is the agency that administers the exam and you can access test dates, fees, and registration materials/deadlines on their website at:

Please request that your scores be submitted to Edgewood College by entering Edgewood’s code in the score recipient section of your registration materials. Code: R1202. ETS will charge an additional fee to have scores sent to an institution not listed on your registration material as a score recipient.

Special test accommodations are available for students whose native language is other than English or for students with disabilities. Please contact your advisor for further information regarding registering for accommodations.

The required minimum score for test #5362 is: 149.

To assist with preparation for the exam we suggest the following:

  • Although candidates may take this exam at any time, we highly recommend completing most coursework and definitely Linguistics, prior to taking the exam.
  • ETS provides a Test at a Glance link on their website to practice and view a sample test
  • ETS offers an online Study Guide for purchase. Information can be found on their website. FYI – Mac users may need to purchase an additional program in order to access the study guide.

ETS provides accommodations for candidates whose primary language is other than English or for candidates who have documented disabilities. Please refer to the website for further detail or see your advisor.