Bilingual DPI Licence

Upon completing of your Bilingual Student Teaching semester, you will be eligible to apply for your WI DPI Bilingual license.

To apply for your license, our office must verify:

  • Completion and passing of ED 694A ESL Field Mentoring
  • Complete ESL Foliotek Portfolio: Standards 1-7 and two written reflections
  • College Supervisor Final Evaluation returned to Edgewood
  • Cooperating Teacher Final Evaluation returned to Edgewood

You must also complete Edgewood’s ELO application form, which is returned to our Certifying Officer Deborah Stamler. You can download this form HERE. Please refer to instructions sent from Erin for completing this form.

Once all of the above, and your ELO form is complete and returned to Edgewood, we can verify your license completion on the DPI ELO electronic system.

After we do this, you must then log on to your personal ELO account on the DPI website to complete the application:

Once you log in, you will need to “Apply for a new license.” This is also where you will complete your application fee for the new license.