Foliotek E-Portfolio

The Program Portfolio

The candidate portfolio is a collection of documentary evidence that demonstrates personal reflection and growth as an ESL and/or bilingual teacher as well as proficiency towards the Wisconsin ESL/Bilingual Teacher Standards as they align to our coursework (see Appendix A). Your portfolio will come to include reflections, artifacts, assessment records, and other appropriate artifacts showing evidence of your accomplishments in the preparation program leading to licensing.

The portfolio belongs to and is the responsibility of the candidate. The college does not maintain a file copy of the portfolio. The college does maintain a cumulative record of each candidate’s summary assessments, including transcripts and written evaluations of student teaching.

Assembling the Foliotek Portfolio:

All candidates must attend a mandatory three-hour program orientation during which time they will; access their Foliotek portfolio, receive instructions on assembling the portfolio and complete the first portfolio assignment. Information regarding the date and time options for your orientation are included in your initial acceptance letter.

Reviewing the portfolio:

As you develop your portfolio during the length of the program, there will be three transition points where its content will be shared and reviewed with colleagues, program personnel, and instructors:

1. During the Program Orientation you will complete two base line entry assignments

2. During the first session of your student teaching course (ED 693A or ED 694A) you will submit a ‘Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio Review’ form plus two reflective portfolio portraitures

3. During the final student teaching class you will submit for review your complete portfolio including artifacts and evaluations from student teaching.