Proficiency Testing

The Bilingual Proficiency Exam

Bilingual Proficiency Testing (for bilingual certification only)

All candidates seeking a WDPI Bilingual license must complete an oral and written proficiency exam in the target language. A score of “Advanced Low” or higher, based on the national ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) rating, must be met for both exams. These proficiency guidelines can be viewed here:
ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (2012)

The oral and written proficiency tests outlined below must be taken and passed as a pre-requisite for the following two courses in the bilingual licensing sequence:
ED 604G Bilingual Curriculum Design & Assessment
ED 605D Biliteracy Development Additionally, proficiency scores are a pre-requisite to bilingual student teaching.

Arranging Exams:

We encourage students to complete both exams at Edgewood College as they are administered by the ESL/Bilingual graduate program advisor. If you choose not to have them administered at Edgewood College, please see options below for “Off Campus Proficiency Test Proctoring Options.”

Oral Proficiency Interview

The OPI is conducted by a certified language tester from ACTFL and is conducted over the phone in our office here at Edgewood College in DeRicci Hall. To schedule the test, you must submit to the program advisor two dates, each with a 2-3 hour window of time on those dates that you would be available for the phone interview. You must be specific regarding both the dates and time period. Testing is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

We will then submit your preferences to the ACTFL testing agency and notify you of your exact scheduled appointment time.

The interview generally lasts from 25-30 minutes. We will place the call to ACTFL for you, and then you will have a one-on-one conversation with the language tester over the phone.

The cost for this test is $139. You must bring a check or money order made payable to Edgewood College at the time of your interview. As a student in the program, there is no additional proctoring fee for the exam. Note that there is a $55 no-show fee—please give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.

If candidates have previously taken the OPI, Edgewood College will accept OPI scores from ACTFL or an equivalent testing agency taken up to five years prior.

Written Proficiency Test

The WPT consists of an essay and a sample letter writing exercise, both in the target language.

The WPT can be proctored individually with your program advisor, and you are given up to two hours to complete this test. It will then be graded, using ACTFL proficiency guidelines, by members of the Spanish Department. The use of dictionaries, spell checks, or any other support tools are not allowed.

There is no fee for Edgewood College students to take this exam when administered on campus.

Off Campus Proficiency Test Proctoring Options

If you choose not to have your proficiency tests administered at Edgewood College, you will need to create an account at LTI (Language Testing International) and follow their instructions for finding and authorizing a proctor in your area:
You will then conduct your tests individually and send us a copy of your official ACTFL score certificate.
The current testing fees are as follows:
Oral Proficiency Interview: $139
Written Proficiency Test: $70

ACTFL Test Proctors must meet the following criteria (based on ACTFL guidelines):

  • K12 Schools and School District Proctors: A proctor at a K-12 school or school district may only be a Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, Administrative Assistant to the Principal or Dean, School District HR personnel, or Academic Chair. No other administrators or staff may act as proctors.
  • University or College Proctors: A proctor at a college may be a Professor, Department Chair, Dept. Administrative Assistant or Department Coordinator. No other administrators or staff may actas proctors.

In addition, the proctor must have a WORK email and the email address must contain the proctor’s name and proctor’s school name. LTI does not accept personal (aol, hotmail, comcast, verizon, etc) e-mail addresses for proctors.

Remote proctoring options:

Additionally, there are remote proctoring services offered by LTI, for an additional fee of $25 in addition to the testing fees. This service requires that you have a webcam in your home for which you can be observed while taking the test. Please contact LTI individually to arrange for a remote proctor for your exams at 1-800-486-4844.

Retake Policies:

Oral Proficiency Interview:

In accordance to ACTFL policy, candidates required to repeat the OPI exam must wait 90 days in between testing sessions. If candidates do not score at the Advanced Low level, we strongly encourage a full immersion experience before retaking, since it is often difficult to obtain higher levels of proficiency through a classroom experience alone. Candidates may retake the OPI as many times as desired, following the 90 day waiting period regulation.

Written Proficiency Test:

In accordance to ACTFL policy, candidates required to repeat the WPT must wait 90 days in between testing sessions. Edgewood College will offer and score the WPT at a no cost service to students for a maximum of two attempts. If candidates require further WPT testing, this must be arranged and paid for by the student through the LTI testing agency at a cost of $65/exam. This exam will be proctored by the Edgewood College ESL/Bilingual graduate program advisor at no additional cost.