Student Teaching

All candidates must complete a 3-credit field experience course for ESL and/or bilingual licensure, prior to which all of your coursework should be completed and Praxis II exam must be passed. On certain occasions we can allow for one program course to be taken while student teaching.

Student Teaching Applications:


Student teaching applications are due the semester before you intend to student teach and must be submitted directly to the ESL/Bilingual Education Office.

You can download the application form HERE.

Complete the application ONLINE HERE

The Student Teaching Course: ED 693A or ED 694A consists of:

  •  A full semester blended course (available for attending online in real-time for those who are prohibited to attend on campus due to driving distance)
  • Curriculum design and assessment plus videotaped teaching segments
  • A minimum of two formal observations to be held in March or October

Student Teaching Categories: There are two categories of student teachers in the graduate program:

1. Complete Student Teaching On The Job: Candidates who are currently teaching in an ESL or bilingual position may complete their field experience on the job during a Fall or Spring semester. [In certain situations where candidates hold full time teaching positions yet are in classrooms that do not meet the criteria for an ESL or bilingual setting, an alternative summer school placement may be an option. The Program Director will determine this on an individual basis]. If you have questions regarding the approval of your current teaching site as a possibility for field experience please contact your advisor.

2. Request Placement: Candidates who are currently not teaching must fulfill a minimum of 4 full weeks of field experience within an ESL or bilingual setting during a Fall or Spring semester period and complete their lead teaching in either the month of March or October (the 4 weeks may be spread out, part time, over the length of the semester). These candidates may not complete student teaching during the summer term. The School of Education can arrange for a student teaching placement upon a candidate’s request. [For candidates who have not held a full teaching position within two years prior to entering the program, a successful supervised practicum experience will be required prior to acceptance into student teaching. Individual arrangements and expectations for the practicum will be determined by the Program Director].

Cooperating Teachers and College Supervisors

It is the responsibility of all license candidates to find a cooperating teacher for the field experience. This teacher must be licensed in either ESL or Bilingual Education, depending on the license you are seeking. The cooperating teacher must also have completed a student teacher supervision course and have taught a minimum of three years. If no one in your current school meets these qualifications, you may request the principal or district ESL/Bilingual Coordinator to act as your cooperating teacher. This information must be provided to us so we can send the required paper work and program expectations to your cooperating teacher.

If you are not completing the student teaching ‘on the job’ then the TESOL Program will be happy to assist you in obtaining a placement and cooperating teacher. You will need to indicate this need on your student teaching application form.

The School of Education will determine and provide a college supervisor to work with you during your field experience.

Both the cooperating teacher and the college supervisor will formally observe you at least twice during your semester of student teaching. If additional observations are deemed necessary your supervisor will arrange these with you.