WDPI ESL Teacher Standards

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Teachers have a high degree of fluency in English, comprehend the linguistic and paralinguistic features of the English language, and recognize the processes through which languages are acquired in both formal and informal contexts.
Teachers of English language learners address the developmental, social, political, and cultural contexts of their students’ lives and educational experiences. They comprehend how these relate to classroom performance and educational practice.
Teachers employ effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices for English language learners and possess knowledge of the content taught in schools.
Teachers recognize the importance of situating support programs for English language learners within the context of the school and community to ensure their academic success.
Teachers are reflective practitioners who continually engage in ongoing professional development, networking, research, and innovation (see Standard 9, Wisconsin Teacher Standards). Teachers actively seek out opportunities to grow and contribute professionally.

Additional Bilingual Teacher Standards:

Teachers have achieved an advanced level of proficiency in the language of the students and a deep understanding of the cultures of the students through intensive experiences.
Teachers will recognize the purpose and management of dual language instruction, including curriculum design, instructional practice, and assessment.